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Granite Texture

is a proved producer of machines for long product hot rolling mills, located in Trasaghis (UD) in Italy.

Particularly, tying machines for bundles and packages have reached a very high level of customer satisfaction and become one of the leading products in the market.





4x automatic binding machines and tying area safety system  for Feralpi Stahl at the Riesa plant in Germany 

German steel producer ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi has requested AIC Group technologies in the Riesa bar rolling mill, located in northeastern Germany. 

The mill had benefited from a package of ATS-branded automatic tying machines for the final tying of round deformed bars, plus the tying area upgrades by AIC and KERN Gruppe.

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First-time TMB 400-45 tying machines released for a leading rebar mill in Bangladesh 

ATS will provide a package of six brand-new TMB400 -45 tying machines to a rebar mill in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

​It is a hybrid model that adopts the TMP500 machines' structure for packs with lateral twisting but it is intended for smaller profiles (bundles processing at 400x400mm maximum size).

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Six TMB 400-S special tying machines for a South Korean rebar mill.

ATS will deliver the first packet of six TMB400-S (single turns) tying machines to the Asian market, specifically to a bar rolling mill in South Korea. 

The TMB400 for bundles with a maximum diameter of 400mm has been engineered to wrap the finished product in a single turn, speeding up site operations.

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