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The machine is built-up of a rotating plate and a knot device that allow to create the requested wire ties.
When the cycle is running, the pinch roll insert the wire in the machine and the rotating plate starts to rotate creating the wire ties.

The crossed ends of the wire are held together and twisted by rotation of the gripper.


When the operator press the “start” button, the automatic cycle command is sent to the machine.
This signal allow to insert the wire into the rotating plate following the sequence below:

  • Realignment and lifting of the twister.

  • Realignment of the wire step cylinder.

  • Closing of the pinch roll.

  • Moving forward of the puller.

  • Insertion of the wire by means of forward rotation of the pinch roll.


With the insertion end confirm, closing of the wire lock that holds the end of the wire during the rotating cycle, opening of the pinch roll and moving backward of the puller.

Afterwards, the rotating plate starts with the number of rotations set in the operator’s panel and the wire step cylinder arranges the wire in the correct position (following the plate rotation). With the rotation done signal the twister is lowered and, when in low position, it starts to rotate forward. After a set time, the wire lock is opened and the twister is lifted (rotating the twister the wire is automatically cut).

When the twister is in high position the puller is moved forward, in order to pull out the wire ties. With a time delay, the machine starts a new tying cycle (according to the number of the ties set in the operator’s panel).

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