Sulb Bahrein selected again ATS Mechatronics for the heavy section mill wire tying machine.

ATS will target the Asian market by providing an automatic wire TMP1100 tying machine for the Sulb HSM steel plant situated in Bahrain. With the bundle compactor rounding out the package, it will be installed in heavy sections rolling mill for the tying of the rolled sections stacks up to 1100x1100mm, encompassing the design, supply, and commissioning phases. 

Showing as an outright substitute to the traditional manual activities, the machine picked within the company's products line is capable of performing with heavy weights or with applications where variable tying diameters are necessary, keeping both high-quality and production standards, with the tying cycle nearby 11,5 seconds.


Furthermore, before shipment to the site, all the equipment will be tested in our workshop.

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