ATS officially celebrated its opening in Udine.

The official inauguration of the ATS Mechatronics Srl headquarters in Trasaghis (UD) took place on Saturday, July 23, following a two-year delay by Covid. In fact, ATS entered the AIC Group in 2019 following the financial difficulties of the previous company.  

AIC acquired the previous ATS (Applications Tecnologiche Siderurgiche S.p.A), a proven manufacturer of machines for long product hot rolling mills, for resuming operational activity through a more dynamic and adaptable structure, tying machines together via the existing network. 
Based on the parent company AIC to back-to-operations of ATS, this enabled us to establish an internal unit for the mechatronics division in 2020, combining both companies' expertise in automation, robotics, and mechanics. 

robot e tying.jpg

A day dedicated to the memory of the path taken and of lightness, in which employees, as well as friends, customers, and suppliers, joined the appointment. It was also an opportunity to showcase our most recent projects as well as our newest industry applications, demonstrating how tightly our robotics and tying machines solutions are integrated. It demonstrates, once again, how closely operating units collaborate on a daily basis. 

In attendance were the Mayor's Authority, Stefania Pisu, who cut the symbolic ribbon, a tradition symbolizing the ushering in of luck and prosperity, and the parish priest, Don Ottavio Zucchetto. 

"We are proud of this restart: it has emerged as an opportunity that we have not passed up, drawn by a culture that is deeply rooted in the territory, such as that of AIC. We understand that the challenge is not easy, given the sector's periphery, e.g. which discourages many young people from entering it, but the desire, trust, and responses in these early years have been more than satisfactory". 
— Marco Capitanio, AIC Group CEO


Thank you to everyone who has walked along with us, who still trusts us and believes in our values. 
AIC Group

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