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First-time TMB 400-45 tying machines released for a leading rebar mill in Bangladesh

ATS will provide a package of six brand-new TMB400 -45 tying machines to a rebar mill in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

It is a hybrid model that adopts the TMP500 machines' structure for packs with lateral twisting (45 degrees), but it is intended for smaller profiles (bundles processing at 400x400mm maximum size) such as the TMB400 while maintaining the same level of cost. The configuration is the result of experience gained over time and the demand for increasingly customized solutions. 

The ergonomic dimensions will enable the fastest binding cycle on the market by enabling appropriate allocation in all production settings. 
The outcome will even affect a decrease in manual intervention expenses as well as the health and safety of the workforce increase. 

ATS will incorporate this new model into the package of solutions offered in the upcoming period, along with another revision of the TMB400: the TMB 400 -S. 

TMB400 Bangladesh (PR01).png

The entire press release is available at the following link: 

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