Rolling mill upgrade at Acciaierie di Sicilia (Alfa Acciai Group) in Catania, Italy.

Following the successful installation of six new roughing stands and the renovation of the automation system in 2019, Acciaierie di Sicilia (Alfa Acciai Group) chose ATS Mechatronics to supply and integrate two tying machines (TMB 400) and AIC to upgrade electrical and automation (E&A) system of cooling bed exit and bundle forming areas of the rolling mill in Catania, Italy.

ATS Mechatronics - Acciaierie di Sicilia
AIC Group - Rolling mill Automation and

The project aims to increase performance and improve troubleshooting by replacing obsolete equipment and upgrading the automation system.
The scope of supply includes:
- Design, manufacturing and commissioning of two automatic Tying Machines TMB 400 for round bundles
with auxiliary mechanical equipment, hydraulic circuit and electrical systems (Fig.1)
- New control panels (Fig.2)
- New Rockwell Rack PLC and the upgrade of the logic system
- New main and local desks
- New motors and motor protection panels
- Upgrade of HMI control system and new SCADA screen
- New cameras for the existing TVCC System
- Engineering & electrical drawings
- Software development
- Installations, start up support and remote assistance

All Tying Machines of ATS Mechatronics were tested in its workshop prior to shipment to the site, reducing start up time and costs. According to the project schedule, AIC was also involved in installation supervision and commissioning phases.
The project was commissioned during the summer 2020 shutdown

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