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4x automatic binding machines and tying area safety system for Feralpi Stahl at the Riesa plant in Germany 

German steel producer ESF Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi has requested AIC Group technologies in the Riesa bar rolling mill, located in northeastern Germany. 

The mill had benefited from a package of ATS-branded automatic tying machines for the final tying of round deformed bars, complete with auxiliary mechanical equipment, a hydraulic circuit, and an electrical and automation system. A total of #4 TMB 400s were supplied, ensuring rolled or twisted ties with single/double turns.  

Simultaneously, AIC and KERN Gruppe have upgraded the tying area with safety boxes, new local control stations for binding machines and the hydraulic unit, PLC safety software development, safety hydraulic interlock to reduce machine pressure, and KERN Schutzsysteme protective fences. 

Final Acceptance of job completion (FAC) for tying machine installation, commissioning and safety integration has been received at the end of January 2023. 

See in action:


Feralpi Stahl (1).jpg

The entire press release is available at the following link: 

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