ATS Mechatronics will sustain Pak Steel 450kty bar mill greenfield with its modern TMB400 tying machine

ATS Mechatronics, a proven producer of machines for long product hot rolling mills and a part of AIC (Automazioni Industriali Capitanio) Group, will supply the automatic bundles tying machine for the new bar mill planned to be installed by Pak Steel in the Hattar Special Economic Zone (HSEZ) - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.


The greenfield steel complex will be designed by the noted company POMINI Long Rolling Mills and ATS will provide the AICs mechatronics equipment. Thus, TMB 400 tying machine will be embedded in order to guarantee the shortest tying cycle available on the market and to tie optimally bar bundles.  

Part of the commissioning will even consist of: 

- Control cabinet; 
- PLC for supervising the equipment; 
- Level 1 software functions for smooth operating and minimizes downtimes; 
- Command desk for handling tying machine; 
- Local pushbutton for safe mode maintenance operations with a hold-to-run control.

This flexible configuration will be designed to fit smoothly under any operating conditions and to guarantee high customization scope. 
The preliminary tasks have been set up for the last side of 2022. Primarily, all the equipment will be tested in our workshop prior to shipment to the site, reducing start-up time and costs. 

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