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ATS and the Italian OEM Progress relaunch partnership with a new TMB400 tying machine.

ATS Mechatronics has renewed the collaboration with Progress, South Tyrolean OEM company, furnishing a new TMB400 tying device for rebar processing at 400x400mm maximum size.
The automatic machine, matched by the latest technology of motor control centres & auxiliary mechanical equipment and electrical & automation systems, will be integrated into the processing line for the final binding cycle, executing operations in a full simplifying routine. 

The revolving tying head is driven by a hydraulic motor with jaws and wire cutting knives built inside. The set of retaining jaws will hold the bundle in place while the wire is tightened and twisted one or two times (selectable via the control panel). 

TMB400 optimized dimensions will allow it to be installed in any existing condition, assuring one of the quickest tying cycles available on the market.


The entire press release is available at the following link: 

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