Italian manufacturer OCSAM will integrate 3+1 ATS TMB400 tying machines for a leading rebar American producer in Tennessee.

ATS Mechatronics, AIC Group equipment manufacturer, will furnish Italian OEM OCSAM with 3+1 special design TMB400 automated machines to tie 400x400mm max size round bundles in a Tennessee rebar mill. 

The special-made machines will be positioned downstream bundle formation area and will be inclusive of auxiliary mechanical equipment, individual hydraulic devices, UL listed electrical and automation systems with Rockwell PLC & control cabinet. 
The tailored design will ensure adaptability through high customization, minimizing piping works for the dedicated hydraulic central unit and easily fit to the rolling table height. 

TMB400 tying process.gif

Reliable steel wire formation even at maximum speed is guaranteed by a 6.8-second complete single tie cycle. 
In addition, a wire loop recovery system designed on an arm structure will be positioned behind the tying machine, between the machine body and the wire unwinding system; it will permit recovery of the loop of exceeding wire that forms during the wire retrieving phase, eliminating repetitive motions. 

ATS supervisors will be on-site for equipment erection and start-up to fit smoothly under any operating conditions.

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