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ATS Mechatronics joins Confindustria Udine Association.

According to the decision of the Presidential Council of the Association, ATS Mechatronics has been accepted as a member of the “Confindustria Udine” and assigned to the Metal Industry Group.

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AIC (Italy) and KIA - KERN Industrie Automation (Germany) announce new partnership.

We are excited to announce the new partnership with KIA - KERN Industrie Automation (Germany). This opportunity will help bring AIC and KIA in a position to expand their global presence, attract new customers and increase the level of services. Based in Germany and Czech Republic, KIA is a one-stop solution when it comes to instrumentation and control technology in plant engineering for the steel and iron industry and in process engineering in metallurgy.

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Rolling mill upgrade at Acciaierie di Sicilia (Alfa Acciai Group) in Catania, Italy.

Following the successful installation of six new roughing stands and the renovation of the automation system in 2019, Acciaierie di Sicilia (Alfa Acciai Group) chose ATS Mechatronics to supply and integrate two tying machines (TMB 400) and AIC to upgrade electrical and automation (E&A) system of cooling bed exit and bundle forming areas of the rolling mill in Catania, Italy.

The project was commissioned during the summer 2020 shutdown.

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ATS Mechatronics supplies four bundle retaining jaws to a special bar quality (SBQ) mill in Spain.

ATS Mechatronics supplies four bundle retaining jaws (bundle forming) to the European mechanical supplier with the final destination at a special bar quality (SBQ) mill in Spain. This project includes the design, manufacturing and testing of four bundle retaining jaws. 

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ATS_Tying Machines 1-1-web.jpg

ATS Mechatronics was contracted to supply two tying machines (TMB 400).

The scope of the project includes the design, manufacturing and commissioning of an automatic tying machine for round bundles to be integrated into the final tying area.

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ATS TMB 400.jpg

ATS Mechatronics supplies four Tying Machines TMB400 to Feralpi Stahl.

Besides mechanical equipment, ATS will also supply electrical and automation system, hydraulic circuit, auxiliary equipment. Currently, the implementation of the contract with Feralpi ESF Germany is at the stage of internal equipment testing and delivery is scheduled for the end of 2019 with subsequent commissioning within the first half of 2020.

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AIC acquires the assets of ATS Applicazioni Tecnologica Siderurgiche S.p.A.

On July 26, 2019, AIC Automazioni Industriali Capitanio has acquired ATS, Applicazioni Tecnologiche Siderurgiche S.p.A, a proved producer of machines for long product hot rolling mills, located in Trasaghis (UD) in Italy. The acquired assets include know-how, designs, brands, buildings, equipment and warehouses in addition to other strategic technical possessions.

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